Why Internship is Relevant for Students?

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Internships! Why should we go for internships? What is the relevance of doing it? Does it even contribute to shaping our careers?

If you have these questions going in your mind, then you have come to the right place.

Well, you should know that having a degree, no longer assures that you will get a decent job Today. 

Importance of Internship

Corporates are not very open to fresher these days. They want an experienced candidate to fill up the vacancies.

But how does anyone get experience,  if no organization is open to hiring a fresher?

Well, that’s why internship has become so essential today. 

The Two required Ingredients to shape your career

We all dream of becoming a powerful Business Person or dream to be Master of something that we like to do.

We all aspire to become like Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata, Sundar Pichai, and Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.

But how did they become what they are today? It’s not like they finished their graduation and got into their dream job or started their dream business.

So how did they achieve their dreams? 

By gaining the required Experience & Knowledge (And of course through Hard Work).

The Theoretical & Practical knowledge Gap

There is a huge gap between the Theoretical knowledge that has been taught in colleges and the practical knowledge which is required for Job.

Internships can help you gain that practical knowledge. And it’s better that you apply for it during your graduation period.

This way, by the time you finish your graduation and internships. You will have a Degree, Theoretical as well as practical knowledge, and most importantly Few months of Experience in the domain.

Benefits of Internship

Apart from Practical knowledge and experience, there are a lot of other benefits of doing internships. Let’s discuss some in brief.

  1. It helps you to test your Industry Knowledge: Internships allow you to get the opportunity to test your knowledge.
    With the help of the Internship, you would realize your key strengths and Weaknesses. This will allow you to work on your weaknesses and sharpen your strengths. 
  2. It helps you build connections with Industry Professionals: Not only, but you will also get guidance from these industry professionals, 
    but also these professions could be your most valuable connection/references for your future jobs.
  3. It can be an Eye opener for you: While doing an internship, you will get to know whether the field you are interested in is actually meant for you or not.
    This way you can timely switch your field and get where you actually belong.
  4. Opportunity to learn from professionals: When you meet Industry professionals and when you work along with them on live projects, you get to learn a lot of stuff from them. 
  5. You get paid to learn: At most places, you get a stipend for doing an internship. 
    Don’t evaluate and choose organizations on the basis of the stipend they offer, rather choose an organization where you could get the most learning.
  6. You learn required soft skills: Through internship along with technical skills, you learn various other skills, such as communication, leadership, problem-solving, and teamwork.
  7. Helps you build a Strong Resume: Having an Internship experience adds up a value into your resume. It allows you to have a competitive advantage over other job applicants applying for the same role and position.

How to apply for internship?

There are websites like Indeed and Monster where you can find internship and job-related opportunities.

And likewise, there are intern-specific websites like Internship.com where you can find an internship using “Keyword” and “Location”.

Apart from these, you can directly visit the websites of companies and navigate to their career page and apply for internships.

Internship opportunities at Enjay

We have been offering internship opportunities to localates and students residing nearby Bhilad (Gujarat).

If you too reside in/near Bhilad and are interested in doing an internship in Web Development & Digital Marketing, then apply for an internship with the below link.

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