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  • Making Freshers Employable

    We at skillXperience, bridge the Gap between what Students have and what Employers demand by conducting various Guest Lectures, Workshops, Seminars, Projects, Industrial Visits, Jobs for College Students.

Introduction to skillXperience programs

skillxperience, be the change

Employable Employee Challenge

Despite being 2nd largest population and also one of the highly educated societies, most of the employers find that they are not able to get right type of people. Why? Because there is a GAP, in what colleges are providing and what Industry is demanding. Will this get solved automatically? No. We need to change the way things are working right now. With this noble cause, we started skillXperience to be a change that we want to see in the world. At skillXperience, we help Businesses to find their future candidates and get them trained and mentored exactly as per their needs.

Why are we doing this? is a CSR Project of Enjay IT Solutions Ltd. Why are we doing this? We all know that most of College students as it is are not employable. This is a big problem. All of us are victims of this problem. Students, Parents, Professors, Teachers, Colleges, Companies and general public, all are victims of this problem. So instead of planting trees and giving freebies to poor people, or donating money, we decided to donate our time and effort and make a change in Society that we desire. We don't charge a single paise to any College, or any student or any company. Entire activities of SkillXperience are sponsored by Enjay IT Solutions Ltd. WE NEED YOUR HELP, BUT WE DON'T NEED YOUR MONEY, WE NEED YOUR TIME AND ATTENTION.

How skillXperience works?

Simply put, we connect Industry and Education wherever and whenever possible, in whatever way it is possible. There are SIX Ways we work with Colleges, Students and Companies.

Guest lectures, Seminars, Workshops.

We bring experts and experienced people from Industry to share their experience and knowledge with Students and teachers. Most effective are the workshops which helps Students/Teachers learn particular skills and grow in their career.

Industrial Visits and Corporate Visits

We have designed special way of doing Corporate Visits, which is highly effective. These are not just visits but a learning experience. We help conceptualise, organise, coordinate and execute the Industrial visits.

College Project Guidance and execution

Choosing projects with practical relevance and executing it professionally, significantly increases the chances of student getting employed We guide students on Projects and also coordinate Industry where they can do it.

Guide and Coordinate Jobs for students

Earning while learning is very powerful concept, but not used fully by students because of lack of knowledge and exposure. We not only guide students on this, but also help them get part time jobs, Internships, freelancing jobs and full time jobs.

Coordinate with Companies and Associations

Industry and companies are worst hit due to this problem. We coordinate with them to understand their side. We talk to Companies to know their problems, challenges, needs and encourage them to come forward and participate in this.

Creating Social awareness about this Challenge

We use Social Media, Print media, Public relationships and everything else to create an awareness in the society about this. This problem cannot be solved by one organisation, its needs to be turned into a mass movement.

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How it works for Colleges?

Colleges can register with us in the participate Section and our team will start interacting with them. It's not only the students who need help, but even Teachers and professors can also greatly Benefit from these programs. To successfully connect students with Industry, we need to first connect the professors. We have special programs for students and Teachers also. IF YOUR COLLEGE IS ALREADY NOT PARTICIPATING IN THE SKILLXPERIENCE PROGRAMS, THEN APPLY NOW. ITS ABSOLUTELY FREE.

How it works for Companies?

We encourage Companies to contribute and participate in these programs. Here are few ways Companies can participate: 1. Guest Lectures / Workshops. 2. Allow Corporate Visits to their companies. 3. Hire students. 4. Help students with their Projects. Interested companies can participate by clicking the below button and joining the programs. Once you register, our team will connect you and start the engagement. IF YOUR COMPANY IS NOT YET PART OF SKILLXPERIENCE PROGRAM, THEN JOIN NOW. ITS ABSOLUTELY FREE.

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Benefits of skillXperience Programs


Get right guidance at the right time. Get right real world experience. Exposure to the real Industry Demand helps students to prepare themselves for the career. Learn Technologies and skills that will be useful in current environment and future opportunities. STUDENTS CAN CLICK BELOW TO APPLY FOR PART-TIME, FULL TIME, INTERNSHIP, TRAINEE JOBS.


Companies get to know the "millennials population" closely. Companies can identify and hire freshers at very early stage and plan a long term career with them. Share their knowledge with students, this is best form of CSR. A way of giving back to society. CLICK BELOW TO PARTICIPATE IN VARIOUS PROGRAMS OF SKILLXPERIENCE.


The biggest benefit for colleges is secure better future and placements for their students. Not only students, but professors are also exposed to Industry requirements and latest trends. This helps them to understand what Industry or society wants and what they need to deliver. CLICK BELOW TO PARTICIPATE IN SKILLXPERIENCE PROGRAMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course yes, anybody can join the program. The skillXperience Programs are open for everyone. Students as well as Experienced people. 

Yes, these programs are exactly for you. There is absolutely no charge whatsoever for anyone. All the activities are sponsored by which is a CSR project of Enjay IT Solutions Ltd. 

Currently, we are targeting to work with Colleges from Chikhli (Gujarat) to Boisar (Maharashtra). Over the period of time, We will increase the Geographical area. 

We not only work with Management and Engineering students. We are working all kinds of Diploma, Graduate and Post Graduate Students.