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    Colleges, Individuals and companies can register here and participate. Whether you need anything or you have to offer anything. Just register here and we connect to you.

Why Colleges and Companies need to Participate?

We at skillXperience are determined to create more career opportunities for Indian Youths by empowering them with more skills and experience which will help them to excel in life. With your support, we can make this possible. We are actively seeking contribution from Industry, Corporates and educational Institutions. You can contribute more than you think.

How to Participate in skillXperience Programs?

Here are ways we seek your help to make our youths more employable. Here you can either request something or contribute something. For both sides, your participation is required.

Seminar / Guest Lectures

Companies/Individuals can Share Practical experience with young students in any technical or functional area. Colleges/Teachers can request these activities too.

Practical Workshops

Companies can help students with something practical. Workshops are more in depth, comprehensive and effective. Colleges/Teachers can request these Activities too.

Mentorship / Guidance

Professional experience is worth more than you imagine. Companies ca Share wisdom with students. Colleges/Teachers can request these activities too.

Corporate Visit

Companies can offer Industrial Visits to their Companies where Students get maximum exposure to practical working environment. Colleges/Teachers can request these activities too.

Internship Trainee

Companies can offer Internship/Trainee programs for students. Get future employees from those lots. Colleges/Teachers can request these activities too.

Part time Freelancing Jobs

We request companies to give chance to young students to work with the, after their college hours or work from home. Colleges/Teachers can request these activities too.

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