Why a Vibrant Alumni Management System can help to solve the Education Problem

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Alumni Management System is used to manage the relationship with College students who have passed out of college. Ex-students of college can be a very valuable link between the Academics and Industry.

Alumni are living examples and testimonials of any educational institution. Every institution should have a very deep and meaningful relationship with their Ex-Students. A constant and active dialogue between past and present students will be very useful for both College as well as students.

Ex-students are like Living Testimonial and success Stories for any educational Institution. They are Brand Ambassadors of the College.

– skillxperience.org

What is Alumni Management System?

Alumni management system is a web-based application which is designed to manage relationships between College and its Ex-students. Alumni network is a group of all the ex-students.

Features of Alumni Management Software

Apart from being comprehensive, easy to use and intuitive just like any other software, there are some other features also.

  1. Able to keep Complete database of Alumni, including various interactions. Unlimited classifications and categorisation.
  2. Keep track of current employment and career developments of alumni.
  3. Able to keep records of different streams, batches and other classifications.
  4. Plan and execute Alumni Meets and events.
  5. Engage alumni for the development of current students.
  6. Highlight achievers in the alumni group.
  7. Communicate with any group or entire alumni using Email, WhatsApp, SMS.
  8. A mobile App for each and every alumni member.
  9. Manage group colleges and batches of entire Institution.
  10. Sharing of Job and career opportunities by Alumni.

Role of Alumni Management System in bringing Academics and Industry Closer.

Currently, the biggest challenge for the Indian Education system is to remain relevant. The Industry is moving ahead at a far great pace as compared to education. There is a serious scarcity of Industry Experience into the Education System.

Even the Placement chances of students increase when there is a Vibrant Alumni System.

  1. Frequent interaction of Teachers with Ex-Students will automatically increase the awareness of the teacher’s awareness about the Industry.
  2. Alumni students can be called to talk and discuss their experience, challenges and opportunities with current students.
  3. Interactions with Alumni will give a very practical perspective to Current Students.
  4. Placements for Students will increase significantly.
  5. Guest lectures of Alumni students can be arranged to increase awareness of the current students.
  6. The success of alumni students will be inspirational and confidence building for students.

The biggest problem of Education in India is that it is far from what Industry demands. A vibrant Alumni System helps reduce that Gap.

– skillxperience.org

Tips for Implementing the system Successfully.

The biggest mistake one can do is considering Alumni Software as just another software system. It is just a tool to automate an Alumni Culture or Alumni Policy.

So, before we implement the Alumni Software system, we need to set goals and expectations for the same. Here are some important points that will help in the successful implementation of a Vibrant Alumni Management System.

  1. Like any other software, Alumni Management System (AMS) is as good as people using it. So if people (i.e. Alumni, College Staff, and Students don’t use it, then it becomes useless).
  2. AMS has to be driven by the top management team, who should show their will in getting this done.
  3. Create an Alumni Champion Team (ACT), consisting of following team members:
    1. One Incharge whom we can call Alumni Relationship Manager (ARM)
    2. 2-3 of most popular Professors.
    3. 6-10 of most enthusiastic students who are very good at Verbal and written communication.
  4. Weekly (or periodic) meetings of ACT, to ensure proper progress and continuity.
  5. Include Alumni group in each and every activity of college, wherever possible. like Annual Day, cultural programs or sports activities.
  6. Keep very regular and consistent communication with the entire community VIA Email, SMS and WhatsApp.
  7. Use more pictures and videos, Picture is 1000 words and a video is a million words.
  8. Keeping the entire community engaged:
    1. Share stories about the achievements of Alumni.
    2. share regular updates about college and activities going on and achievements.
    3. Encourage alumni students to opt for higher studies and enrol for the same. There can be special offers and discounts for Ex-Students.
  9. Organise Events and Reunions for alumni get together.

Role of skillXperience.org for Implementing this System

Why we are doing this? It is our Goal and Purpose to make students more employable. one of the reasons for unemployable freshers is that there is a serious disconnect between Academics and Industry.

Engaging Industry to get more interested in Education is one of the ways of achieving more employability for students. Here is how we help.

  1. We have identified a software platform which will be suitable for the colleges for an Ideal Alumni Management System.
  2. We will be sponsoring the cost of the software for those colleges which are ready and equipped for the transformation.
  3. SkillXperience team will help colleges to set up the Alumni Champion Team.
  4. SkillXperience team will help you configure the entire software platform for optimum usage and maximum benefit.
  5. Do a periodic review of the system and its progress.

If you are interested in implementing Alumni Management System in your college for Free, please write in comments are and we will revert.

– skillxperience.org


  1. Ranjeeta Kapoor

    Yes, our alumni can play a very important role, if we regularly touch with them. I think such kind of software can help us and we get support of our alumni and our current students also take some guidance from them.

  2. Dr. Suchita Karvir

    Yes. It is the need of the day to bridge the gap between academics and industrial requirements which is possible through connect with Alumni.

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